Patriot Survival Plan Review

“A city is simply a passel of people packed in a pot like pickles.” – David Detzer. How true considering the numerous perils associated with modern urban life packed into a massive landmass that otherwise seems restrictive. The Patriot Survival Plan by Matt Stevens constantly reminds readers through the first few pages till the end that the city is not as safe as you think it to be primarily because avenues of safety in the most awkward of times are limited because of high population growth. So, what exactly does this survival book offer and who is it for?

A Prelude

Before delving deep into the review, it must be understood that this book isn’t meant for folks who feel safe and secure in a tiny town with a close knit community, although there are extreme home security tips towards the end of the ebook.  It is more of a survivalist guide with food storage 101 solutions, avoiding roits and surviving the harshest urban scenarios.

What Is In It?

 Get a real life teaching that you can practice every day, make your and your family’s life safe and secure without actually going paranoid. Patriot Survival Plan introduces concepts of riot and its dangers, surviving a major catastrophe and much more with a generalized readable structure that interacts and asks questions of the reader. Through the 125 pages, readers will get numerous survival gear checklists, urban survivalist tips and much more. The chapters include information on Extreme Survival Tips For Urbanites, Secrets To Military Style Survival Anywhere In The World, Food Stockpiling For The Worst Situations, Self Defense Strategies And Home Security Secrets.

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The Flow And Ebb

Right from the start, the book sounds instructional with do’s and don’ts explained away in a conversational manner. When there is an instruction or directive, there is an accompanying explanation of why, and the consequences of the usually logical but otherwise dangerous steps taken by an uninitiated mind. This helps in clarifying numerous doubts that may pop up in the reader’s mind.

Take for instance, when Matt describes the usual reasons for avoiding a safe vault in the house during a violent riot. While commonsense suggests to lay low and ride it out safely tucked away in your hidden safe room, he points to the fact that burning down stores and houses is a major part of massive riots, which makes your choice of safe room a death trap, if you don’t have any means of an escape. His solution at the end of this simple and enlightening explanation is to always have an escape route – something that hardened survivalists always plan for. Contingency is the name of the game.

Who Will Best Use This Information

While the chapter names and even the book title, Patriot Survival Plan might seem a bit fanatical, the book is actually catered towards an average individual in any society. You need not be an American or an African to relate with the book, anyone anywhere in the world can read, comprehend and apply the teachings given by Survival guru, Matt Stevens with tools and accessories available in their locality. The book is more of patriots surviving the coming collapse kind of write up with a broadened outlook that can be used in any Urban Jungle scenario.

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